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Good hygiene in your home keeps your living spaces clean, healthy and comfortable. Hygiene products designed specifically for the home play a vital role in keeping living areas, food preparation areas, bathrooms and bedrooms clean and comfortable, as well as efficiently cleaning your laundry items. These products help make household chores as quick and painless as possible, giving you time to spend enjoying other activities.

Having a clean, hygienic home also helps to make it a relaxing place to unwind, or to welcome and entertain guests.

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Flushing the toilet sprays bacteria and viruses into air, which may float around for two hours after each flush.21 In 2006, women spent an average of 29 minutes and men 5 minutes per day on laundry & clothes care, and women spent an average of 69 minutes and men 29 minutes per day on food and drink preparation & cleanup.9 Australians experience approximately 15.9 million episodes of gastroenteritis every year.10
In 2006, Australians spent approximately 73% of their time at home or at someone else's house.9

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