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About you is all about preserving good health

About you is all about preserving good health

Personal hygiene means looking after your body to keep it clean and healthy. Good personal hygiene practices protect your body from a build-up of dirt and microorganisms that could harm your health, and also help prevent microorganisms from your body spreading to others. Having a body that feels clean and healthy can also improve your emotional wellbeing and social confidence.

Important aspects of personal hygiene include hair, skin and nail care; handwashing; oral hygiene; sexual hygiene; and clothes laundering. There are areas of hygiene that relate specifically to women or men, as well as good hygiene habits that everyone can practice. Personal care and laundry products help make all of these tasks easy.

All personal care products in Australia are regulated to protect public health.

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The human body may be home to 10 times as many bacteria as human cells. Researchers believe the human body has over 500 bacterial species living in and on it.7 Trouble getting a date? 75% of women in a New York survey said they would only date a guy who showered daily.8   20-30% of handbags have faecal bacteria on the underside.22 In 2006, women spent an average of 54 minutes and men 43 minutes per day on personal hygiene.9
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